Pantego Economic Development Corporation Joins The Arlington Chamber Of Commerce

Partnership Supported by Pantego Town Council Provides Expanded Resources for Development and Retention of Local Businesses

ARLINGTON, TEXAS (July 24, 2014) – Both the Pantego Economic Development Corporation (PEDC) and the Pantego Town Council unanimously voted to officially join the Arlington Chamber of Commerce. The investment in becoming part of the Chamber’s President’s Advisory Council (PAG) will provide significant new resources.

As an active member of the Arlington Chamber’s PAG investors, the PEDC will become fully integrated into the Chamber, while maintaining a unique identity. The Chamber will expand its marketing and communications tools to further elevate the Pantego business community and deliver unique services for businesses to access new customers, capital and continuing education.

“Recognizing that economic prosperity comes as a result of a collaborative effort, the PEDC and the Town of Pantego take great pride in this new partnership with the Arlington Chamber,” stated Ms. Melody Paradise, Mayor of Pantego. “The new resources available to our PEDC enhance our proactive visionary attitude toward small business development, retention and our quality of life.”

To support the Arlington Chamber’s mission of “building an economically sustainable community,” the PEDC will work to expand the Chamber’s presence within the Town of Pantego. As part of the PEDC’s natural outreach within the town, assistance will be provided for local businesses to become engaged in the Arlington Chamber to take advantage of the business-building products and services now available to them.

“We welcome our Pantego neighbors to the west becoming partners in the Chamber,” commented Wes Jurey, President & CEO of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce. “We embrace new strategic partners both locally and regional. The businesses in Arlington and Pantego can now both be aligned in achieving their respective goals.”

The decision to ultimately join has been in the works for several months as the PEDC Board and Chamber defined the depth of the business relationship. PEDC board members and Pantego Town Council representatives have the opportunity to become active on Chamber public policy, education and business development councils and committees. Additionally, the Chamber will add a dedicated Pantego Business Development Council for Chamber members with businesses in the town.

Mr. William Brown, President of the PEDC recognizes that the Arlington Chamber relationship will deliver a comprehensive set of benefits to Pantego businesses. “The PEDC Board of Directors plans to thoroughly engage with the Arlington Chamber in order to maximize the investment, while opening up a wealth of resources to our local business community.”


Media Contacts:
Matthew Fielder
City Manager, Pantego

Henry F. Lewczyk Jr.
Vice President, Marketing & Business Development
Arlington Chamber of Commerce