Water Remains an Issue - Even in Arlington!

Posted by Randy Paine, on Mon March 26 2012 at 03:17 PM

After a year of bone-dry weather and near-record heat, recent rains have created the impression in some minds that last year’s drought is over and we can return to water consumption on a whenever-we-need –it basis. But local and state officials all caution that our water needs over the long term will not be met without conservation, planning and the state spending some money.

Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck told a group of Chamber leaders last week that he doesn’t see any need to relax the city’s twice-a-week water restrictions. And in Austin, the House Natural Resources Committee discussed the need to for the state to take action to address the long-term issues. The state’s projected growth and uncertain, sometimes unforgiving, climate are not new to lawmakers, but last summer’s experience may have focused them on the issue more effectively than any public policy think-tank presentation could have. Comments from the committee can be found here

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