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The Arlington Chamber of Commerce has only one goal: to put you and your company right in the middle of Arlington commerce.

Helping companies decrease their bottom line expenses is also important to the Chamber. The Chamber's Affinity Programs provide exclusive discounts on items such as office supplies, advertising, energy, and healthcare, just to name a few. In addition to this, the Chamber’s Member Marketplace is an additional resource to provide members with discounts to programs and services from other Chamber members.

People still cite a personal relationship as the number one reason they do business with someone. The Chamber’s three Networking & Referral Groups provide structured opportunities for Chamber members to develop a network of relationships designed to build each other’s business through quality referrals. You can also consider joining the A-Team. The mission of the A-Team is to serve as goodwill representatives for the Arlington Chamber of Commerce by welcoming new members at various Chamber events, member functions, ribbon cuttings and grand openings. In addition to this, the Chamber hosts monthly networking events such as Business Over Breakfast, Chamber After Hours and Learning Over Lunch. All these events help increase a company’s business network with the aim of helping them grow their business.

The Chamber of Commerce is Arlington's primary catalyst for economic development and a strong advocate for business -- the Chamber is your source for quality business services and benefits. To join the Chamber, complete the membership application or contact the at 817-275-2613.

Chamber Membership Classifications & Benefits

The Chamber offers three distinct membership classifications; each provides a defined level of benefits. This chart illustrates the 3 levels of benefits available to members at each of our investment levels. President’s Advisory Group (PAG) ($10,000 and above) are participants in both the President’s Advisory Group and Corporate Leadership Council; Corporate Leadership Council (CLC) ($1,000 and above) are members of the Corporate Leadership Council; and Members ($250 - $1,500).

Service/BenefitsInvestor - President’s Advisory GroupInvestor - Corporate Leadership Council Member
Chamber Staff LiaisonPresident/CEOManagement TeamStaff
Project AssistancePresident/CEONot AvailableNot Available
Board Participation1st Priority2nd PriorityBy Invitation
Council ParticipationSelf Appointed1st PriorityBy Invitation
Committee ParticipationMay Appoint to each committeeMay Appoint 5 MembersBy Invitation
Economic Development AgendaParticipateBy InvitationNot Available
Public Policy AgendaParticipateParticipateParticipate
Networking Groups10 employees @ no cost5 employees @ no cost1 employee @ $60
Event Sponsorships1st Opportunity2nd Opportunity3rd Opportunity
Advertising1st Opportunity2nd Opportunity3rd Opportunity
Publications & ResearchComplimentaryDiscountedMember Price
Web Site Directory/LinksComplimentaryDiscountedMember Price

Chamber Membership Investment Levels

The Chamber offers three distinct membership classifications, as shown below; each is provided a defined level of benefits.

(based on employment level)

# of EmployeesAnnual Investment
Over 500$1,500

Non Profit Organizations - $200

A one time processing fee of $35 is added to each application.

Corporate Members
An enhanced membership program
Corporate Leadership Council - $2,500 and above
Corporate Small Business Member - $1,000 and above (< 15 employees and < $1 million annual revenue)

Corporate Investors
An upgraded membership program
President’s Advisory Group - $10,000 and above
$10,000 Bronze Recognition level
$20,000 Silver Recognition level
$40,000 Gold Recognition level
$80,000 Platinum Recognition level