The Chamber Foundation is a supporting organization of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce. The Foundation serves as the primary long-range economic strategic planning arm for Arlington’s business community. It is dedicated to quality research, analysis and strategic planning to give guidance and direction to the Chamber’s economic and community development strategies and initiatives. The result, an economically vibrant community


  • Serve as the Strategic “Think Tank” of the Chamber, focused on the research, analysis, and strategic planning necessary to support the Chamber’s overall mission. As a result we are fostering economic growth and prosperity working in partnership with both public and private sector stakeholders, throughout North Texas; and

  • Serve as the Financial Development Arm of the Chamber, focused on State and Federal grant funding, Foundation Cultivation, and Endowment Development/Planned Giving, and other financial activities necessary to secure resources and build capacity in support of the Chamber’s economic strategies


  • To foster quality research in the areas of community and economic development, and related public policy.image

  • To provide independent analysis of public policy issues and proposed economic and community development initiatives.

  • To serve as an incubator for innovative projects that have a direct impact on our community’s economic and community development

  • To provide financial resources for the Chamber as well as the Chamber’s community based projects.

  • To grow the financial capacity of the Foundation, and thereby the Chamber.


The Foundation’s development efforts are focused on building capacity for 4 long-term strategic initiatives:

  • INNOVATION ARLINGTON: Our focus on technology led economic development, through the commercialization of technology based research

  • COMPETITIVE WORKFORCE: As a national demonstration site, we are focused on the development of a replicable, sustainable model of an employer driven workforce development systemimage

  • ARLINGTON ARTS ALLIANCE: Created as a forum for collaboration and communication among Arlington’s arts and business communities, focusing on strengthening the arts by enhancing public and private support


As the Chamber’s Strategic Planning arm, the Foundation “drives the debate” on key issues by:

  • Identifying emerging issues

  • Conducting research and analysis

  • Formulating arguments and developing options

  • “Driving the Debate”, providing a forum where leaders can consider and advance new ideas critical to business

  • Developing the arguments and data to influence public opinion

  • Translating Strategic Plans into implementable action initiatives

The Policy Project

  • Will engage Arlington business leaders with civic, community, education and government leaders to develop a collection of ideas to advance the business community’s agendaimage

  • Will engage more than 150 leaders in work groups established for identified subject areas such as education, public safety and healthcare

  • Will identify a manageable number of high value/high return ides for each subject area that can be used to guide the formulation of both policy and strategic initiatives in the years to come

  • Project is non-partisan, non-political, engaging leaders from diverse backgrounds and perspectives

Driving the Debate

  • Foundation Board has adopted five issues critical to business that will serve as the basis for ACF’s activities to drive the debate – those issues are:

    • Diversity

    • A Competitive Workforce

    • Energy & the Environment

    • Mobility

    • Healthcare

  • ACF will conduct a series of forums, seminars, roundtables, and dinners to engage community around these issues, which will lead to larger conferences and research studies conducted by ACF

  • Based on the results of that work, some of the identified issues will evolve as strategic initiatives