Affinity Programs

The Arlington Chamber of Commerce is committed to helping its members cut costs and save money whenever possible in an ever changing economic environment.  Chamber membership guarantees access to exclusive discounts from a few of our existing members.  By taking advantage of such discounts, members can see a quick return on their membership investment with the Arlington Chamber of Commerce and realize unparalleled savings on many products and services used daily.  For more information on these programs, please contact us at (817) 275-2613.

    LegalShield is the newest Chamber affinity partner.
    Everyone deserves legal protection. With LegalShield, everyone can access it. LegalShield gives you the ability to talk to an attorney on any matter without worrying about high hourly costs. For one flat monthly fee you can access legal advice, no matter how traumatic or trivial the issue. From real estate to divorce advice, identity theft and beyond, welcome to total peace of mind.

    • LegalShield was formerly Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.
    • Companies who offer LegalShield legal plans and/or identity theft plans as a voluntary benefit to their employees, will have a special group rate.
    • LegalShield has the most comprehensive identity theft services, plus coverage for your children.

    The Ebby Advantage Program is a cash incentive program for principals in a real estate transaction.  Participants in the Ebby Advantage Program (the principals in the real estate transaction) may receive a 20% cash incentive each time they buy or sell a home.  The program may be used multiple times. The incentive is based on the real estate commission earned by the broker representing the participant on the referred side of the transaction.  The participant will receive the cash incentive approximately 30 days after the transaction has closed and funded.  You may register at

    Merchant Data Solutions offers Chamber members competitive rates on credit and debit card processing fees.  Depending on a company’s transaction volume, debit rates can start as low as 1.03% and credit rates can start at 1.54%.  In addition to this, Merchant Data has no monthly minimums, no annual fees, no setup fees, no cancellation penalties, and no hidden costs.  Merchant Data helps ensure that Chamber Members get the most competitive rate on each and every transaction.

    Office Depot. Chamber members can take advantage of over 200 commonly used office products and services including supplies, furniture, business machines, copy & print, and promotional items.  Some discounts can be as high 80%.  In addition to this, Office Depot provides free next-day delivery, no interest or finance charges on balances for companies who use net-30 billing.  Purchasing can be done online or at any retail store to take advantage of these savings.  Getting started is easy and can be done in a few seconds simply by clicking here to take advantage of the discounts.  Office Depot has even taken this program a step further by allowing our members’ employees also take advantage of the cost savings.  This is an added bonus to our members.  Employees can begin shopping as soon as they register by clicking here.

    Discount Prescription Drug Card This program is being provided to you and your family to help lower your prescription drug costs. Simply create and print your FREE Prescription Drug Card by clicking here and receive savings of up to 75% (discounts average roughly 30%) at more than 56,000 national and regional pharmacies. This card can be used as your primary plan and/or it can be used on prescriptions not covered by your insurance plan. This program also includes other value added programs which will be listed on the card. Please enter your name in the box below and we will generate a printable membership card for you (no application/enrollment or eligibility required). This program has “LOWEST PRICE” logic to guarantee that you get the best deal on your prescriptions. (You pay the lower of a discount off Average Wholesale Price–AWP, discount off MAC Pricing or Pharmacy Promotional/Retail price). This card is pre-activated and can be used immediately!

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